4th of July in Ashland

Yet another 4th of July in Ashland has come and gone. What a great time if you have never been. Ashland Oregon is always looking for and excuse to have a parade, and there is no better parade than that of the 4th of July.

Starting with a BUZZZZZZ by the Air Force fly-by, the parade brings out the characters that make this such a great place to live.

This year was the first year that I actually was in the Parade. Normally I mingle downtown, and see who I know in the Parade. This time I got to find out who watches the parade.

So here I am, driving my macho car, hanging my laundry out to dry. At the last minute, I decided that I needed to dress my car. The Naked Lady caused such a ruckus on the start up to the 4th that I wanted to be safe and make sure my car wasn’t naked. 

Pulling behind my truck is the float that Coldwell Banker put together for Habitat for Humanity. With a big donation from Valley View Nursery, I think the float turned out okay. We didn’t win any big prizes, but it was passable. As a first time float builder, I think we did okay. I have ideas for next year if we decide to do it again.

After the parade, there is a craft and food fair set up all the way through Lithia Park. The Mexican food stand appeared to be the highlight of the food booths, with a line many feet long all day. There were bands all over town entertaining the crowds. Popsicles, Beer, Politicians, and people.

After a day in the sun, I, like many Ashlanders have a pleothora of parties, barbeques, and events to roam around town. My friends the Asher’s have a great party potluck around the pool at their house.

Then, to cap the night, fireworks over the college. A great place to watch those fireworks is Hunter Park. Practically ground zero. I ran into my friend, and great local lender, Linda Fitzgerald there.

July 5th….back to work.

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