Announcing-First 6 Charities of the Month

Our initial Charities have been announced. 


Charity of the Month


October: Jackson County Fuel Committee.

Their mission is to help the needy in Jackson County by providing wood for heat in the winter, and advocating for reasonable utility costs in the area. One should not have to choose between food and heat.

November: Maslow Project

Maslow Project’s mission is to offer every homeless child and youth the probability of success and the opportunity for a better life. We do this by providing resources for basic needs, removing barriers to education and employment, and fostering self-sufficiency in a collaborative and empowering environment.

December: Ashland Independent Film Festival

One of the many cultural resources in the area.

Celebrating the diversity of human experience through the art of independent film—enriching, educating and inspiring audiences of all ages.


January: Ashland Schools Foundation

Ashland Schools Foundation is focused on keeping educators in the classroom, so our students can achieve their utmost potential.  Most of these funds will be used to keep teachers, educational assistants and specialists in the schools and in the lives of our students.

February: Southern Oregon Humane Society provides quality care for dogs and cats while working to make a difference in the pet overpopulation problem. Annually, SoHumane serves 1,400 companion animals on average. In 2012, we successfully adopted out 1,338 animals, spayed or neutered 600 animals, and saved 700 animals from euthanasia at other shelters through the “Saving Train” program.  Saving Train: SoHumane rescues animals from shelters where they have already been marked for death. These are healthy, adoptable animals who have been overlooked and have run out of time at overcrowded public  facilities.

March: Ashland Emergency Food Bank

Provides emergency food supplies, without charge, to individuals and families in the Ashland/Talent area who would otherwise go hungry and will also endeavor to increase awareness about the problem of hunger in our communities.

Ashland Emergency Food Bank relies solely on donations of food and money from local individuals, faith groups, businesses, and service organizations as well as grants from private foundations.

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