Ashland 4th of July

Ashland is great for celebrating holidays. And one of the best holidays of the year for Ashland residents is this weekend.

A firework in Bratislava, Slovakia, 2005
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If you have been in Ashland for the 4th, you know what I am talking about. It is a great time to socialize with you fellow residents…and all of the people who have left town and return for this holiday.

My day usually starts with Breakfast at the Elks lodge, followed by watching the parade.
The parade is always entertaining, frequently controversial, and shows the best of a small town charm. The El Tapatio horses are always good. Plenty of people making political statements. And the question of how many naked people you may see.
Following the parade, a trip through Lithia park and the craft and food booths, and more finding and visiting with friends.
After that, I usually have hooked up with someone I know and go to Alex’s or the Siskiyou Pub for some music, beer, and more food.
During the course of the day, and years hanging around, a couple of BBQ’s usually require some attendance at. Preferably where a swimming pool is in operation.
Then to round off the night…dinner or drinks with friends. My house has great views of the fireworks, as do some good friends and neighbors. So a spot is staked out, and the fireworks are watched…
When that is all done, you are generally pretty exhausted and make your way to a good nights sleep.
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