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Historical Stats and the Housing Crisis

I was just going back through  my files, and have statistics from 2003.  The format was not nearly as good as they were after I got involved with SOMLS and created a better format in 2008.   So I find it hard to compare what is going on prior to 2008. But I did find a […]

2020 – What’s in Store

It is clear that 2019, one of the priorities of TEN Realty Group was NOT to add new entries into our blog…or really pay much attention to our website at all. That was due in large part to a record breaking year. We were fortunate to donate more money to our charities than any other […]

A Warm Welcome to Jinnee Joos!

Jinnee and I met up at the Roasting Company where I learned that she has often been drawn to homes and realty long before actually pursuing it as a career. She admitted to looking up listings online and checking out homes for sale long before being in touch with Adam. Her interest lies in what […]

Charity of the Month

After much deliberation and consideration, we have compiled our beneficiaries for Charity of the Month comprised of 6 local non-profit businesses for the next twelve months! In order to be more effective and impactful with each of the chosen recipients, we have also decided to move to a two month timeframe in order to include […]

Contingent Offers. Do they Work? Part 1

So you are thinking you want a new house, but you have to sell your place first. What can you do? First, give up on getting a great deal. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but a contingent offer is a sure fire way to NOT get a good deal. Why you might ask? Because […]

Inventory Up Stats

Very interesting stats just came out about available homes on the market per buyer. Which could speak to what will be happening in 2019.  Whether it is attributed to the general economy, or the fallout of 2 straight seasons of smoke in the valley remains to be seen. It is most likely a combination of […]

Sellers Home During Showings

I have been showing houses for years, and have shown hundreds of people thousands of house. And in that time, I have learned and observed many things. There are a number of things a seller can do to make their house show better, and just as many they can do to make it show worse. […]