Back From Vacation

The idea of a daily blog becomes difficult when you take a 10 day vacation away from your computer. However, I have returned, enlightened, refreshed, and anxious to sell some Ashland Oregon Real Estate.

What did I miss while I was gone?

In Ashland:

  • 30 new houses were listed
  • 9 houses came back on the market
  • There were 35 price reductions
  • 14 houses got pending sales
  • 8 houses “closed” sold (including one for my clients…yay!)
  • 6 houses listings expired (although 5 were put back on the market)
  • 12 Houses were withdrawn from the market

So, there seems to be plenty of movement in the market.

Once I recover more fully from vacation…I will find something more interesting to say.

Adam “the most recognized REALTOR in the universe” Bogle

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