Back to College Time

Tomorrow I take my daughter back to Eugene for her 2nd year of college (Go Ducks!)

It got me thinking about the reasons people buy and sell homes. Changes in their lives, and circumstances. For instance, being an empty nester may be a reason someone would want to sell their house, and find someplace new. If the kids are all gone, and those extra rooms are just collecting dust, it might be a reason to sell and find someplace smaller.

We frequently think about marriage, divorce, and having children as reasons for needing a new place to live. But I’m going to add getting rid of children to that list now.

Or you could just do what I am doing. I am repurposing her room into a man cave. I have a fire pit, some viking horns, some elk bones to carve into tools, a fur rug, chalk for cave drawings, a big stick to use as a club,  and no bath facilities. Hope to have the place all up to man cave standards within a few smelly months.

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