Britt Schedule is Out

The 2013 Britt Festival schedule has been released. I look forward every year for the release, and must admit that many years I am completely disappointed.

Then a few years ago, the Britt Festival got a new executive director Jim Fredericks, and I must say the tone of the entire establishment seemed to change. There were many improvements made on the hill, and the artists that came to play represented a wider cross section of musical taste. He brought in Primus, Crystal Method, The Decemberists, the Avett Brothers, Sarah Barellis…to go along with the geriatric standbys that the Britt had come to rely on. Artists that released their last album 30 years ago, and have been touring the has-been circuit ever since.

Now I know, I’m being a little harsh on artists like The Doobie Brothers, Cyndi Lauper, REO Speedwagon, etc….

And I’m sure people love that Michael Franti is here every year, Chris Isaak is here almost every year, Brandi Carlile has been come a regular fixture.

But I loved the last executive director’s mixture of old, new, and regulars. It gave everyone a chance to see a concert that excited them. So of course, for doing such an exemplary  job, someone came and stole Jim away.

So I awaited with baited breath for this years schedule to see if his absence would be felt.

And let me say……I Miss You Jim!


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