Kimchi stinks

Well, by “Kimchi Stinks”, mean it smells pretty bad.
Not actually true when eating it. Opening a jar, taking out a small bowlful, topping it will a couple of over medium eggs, and a strip of bacon.
Then, it tastes and smells alright.20111229-120003.jpg

However, when making it for yourself, leaving it to ferment in a crock in your house for 4 days. Yeah, then it pretty much stinks up the whole house. So below is a picture of my first batch of kimchi for the house. I was hoping to have more jars to give away, but it really didn’t make as much as I thought.
My first gift jar went to our friend Steve who is working with Sophia. He brought me beer that he made, so I was returning the favor.

But now I need to make batch #2. Do a couple of things different to make it better. But I need a place to ferment it that doesn’t permeate the entire house.
I’m thinking maybe making a dog house that has a small heat lamp in it.
Maybe a box could be constructed with a thermostat on it and shelves.
It could be used both as a place to ferment…or turn it up higher and use it as a food drier for fruits and nuts…

Anyway…if anyone has any ideas, I’m open to suggestions.
Could earn you a jar of your very own Bogle made Kimchi.

I guess I just went off on another non-real estate tangent. However, free kimchi to whomever refers me to a friend, family member, themselves.
Just enter the coupon code “kimchi sells” in the referral box.
Works for real estate in Ashland, or Medford real estate


Cooking for the Holidays

This is mostly a copy of an email received about a holiday dinner that was being organized. I have changed the names…and added some small pieces just to make it funnier to me. Most of this is real, and I just think it is funny.

We might have to modify some stuff for people because of food allergies but everyone seems flexible and adaptable. So bring what you like and we’ll all enjoy!

Jerry is on a limited salt and no sugar diet…
Lucy doesn’t eat bacon or red meat so we just slap a chicken breast on the grill and she eats the other stuff.
Tom doesn’t eat cow dairy but will bring his own coconut sour cream and goat cheese to doctor his food up.
Terry is allergic to gluten but he’ll bring special gluten free stuff (like pasta and bread) for himself and he has dairy intolerances too.
Diane is allergic to avocados, peanuts and shellfish.
Teresa is a vegetarian, but eats fish.
David and Sam will not eat anything that are on the GMO list and prefer everything to be 100% organic.
And I’m on the Atkins diet, so I am not eating carbs.  

So we look forward to seeing everyone for the potluck..I’m sure it will be a great meal.

Now I love to cook. I cannot seem to cook for less than 15 people, so I love going to parties where I can bring food.

I put a lot of  love into my cooking, and get enjoyment out of it. However, I have a feeling that if I were to cook for this group of people..I would be the only one eating the meal.



Back to College Time

Tomorrow I take my daughter back to Eugene for her 2nd year of college (Go Ducks!)

It got me thinking about the reasons people buy and sell homes. Changes in their lives, and circumstances. For instance, being an empty nester may be a reason someone would want to sell their house, and find someplace new. If the kids are all gone, and those extra rooms are just collecting dust, it might be a reason to sell and find someplace smaller.

We frequently think about marriage, divorce, and having children as reasons for needing a new place to live. But I’m going to add getting rid of children to that list now.

Or you could just do what I am doing. I am repurposing her room into a man cave. I have a fire pit, some viking horns, some elk bones to carve into tools, a fur rug, chalk for cave drawings, a big stick to use as a club,  and no bath facilities. Hope to have the place all up to man cave standards within a few smelly months.

Picking up the Guitar

I keep picking up the guitar in the house. I don’t really know why.

It is an old family guitar that we have  had in our possession for quite some time. One that I grew up with in the house.

My dad and brother are both accomplished guitar players, but I never really got around to playing much. A chord here, a chord there. But nothing really.

But then I picked up this guitar last week, and broke one of the strings tuning it. And for some reason it got me interested in doing something. I had to go buy strings…then I broke the Bridge pegs taking them out.

And now I have downloaded a chord app for the iPad…picked a couple of songs to learn, both of them pretty country. And the end of my fingers hurt when I type.

So you may be asking yourself what this has to do with real estate.

And the answer there is simple…….Nothing!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone.

Adam “the guy who wears the kilt around Ashland” Bogle

Happy Summer Solstice

Yay…it’s here. My favorite day of the year. Except this year it has been sadly anti-climactic. First, the long spring/winter weather kinda had this day sneak up on me.

Second, my family is going to a wedding this weekend in California and the past couple of weeks have been full of working hard to make sure that we can spend a few days with family in peace, without worrying about work at home.

Third, in past years we have had huge Summer Solstice parties. Starting with the house we had in Medford, where we held 4 day long parties with friend from San Diego, Portland, Eugene, Boise, Seattle all came to our house..pitched tents in the yard…..threw air mattresses on the floor in the extra rooms. We had activities planned…tiedye projects, games, bonfire, etc….

Image courtesy of Ennor via Creative Commons

When we moved to our home in Ashland, the space was no longer there for the huge party at our house, and that sadly ended. But starting in the last couple of years, we found some good camping spots and started working on the revival of the Summer Solstice party.

But given the wedding plans of this year, we were not able to get it going….but I am putting all of my friends on notice right now…NEXT YEAR. I have marked my calendar for June 20-25th. Camping at a TBD location (most likely on the Rogue River).

The first Re-Annual Bogle Summer Solstice Extravaganza.

New Tech in the House

With as techie as I am, I’ve kind of taken the last few months away from the blogosphere. A dying computer as an excuse, the effort to create and write disappeared.

Here is hopeful note that with some new equipment, that the future holds more posts, perhaps some video interviews, and a way to avoid putting out crap.

So forgive this meaningless entry, as it is mostly a test of the iPad.

I have also refreshed the look of my website. AgentInAKilt

Other new projects I am working on include:

A podcast of a personal nature with my brother.
Video editing for a book repair business run by my wife
More twitter presence (which by the way is way better with the iPad app then online)

And more…..

So if you have topics relating to real estate, especially in Ashland Oregon, please contact me via the twitter at @agentinakilt

Blogging and Exercise

I was just thinking about how easy it is to

A: Not go to the gym

B: Not write on my blog

And the similarities are kinda amusing me. Let’s say the holidays come. It’s cold outside, lots of people are having parties, there is good food, plenty to drink. You go to a party and decide that I just don’t want to go to the gym today. Then you skip 2 days. Pretty soon you tell yourself that it would be silly to go to the gym, when I know I can’t make it next week…so why bother til I can get back into my routine.

3 months later…15 pounds later….you go to the gym. But you can’t make up for 3 months of skipping, except by one hour at a time…one day at a time.

Now blogging. Same thing, different season. The weather starts to get nice, you’re going to the gym. And you go a week without writing a blog post. Then 2

3 months later….lost momentum, etc….you write a new blog post. But you can’t make up for 3 months of skipping, except by one post at a time, one day at a time.

One could always bring up the argument that listing houses, showing houses, writing offer, going to work, cooking for the family, doing yard work, blah blah blah etc….is always more important.  But those are the must dos. There is someone else there to be accountable for. Or at the very least, someone more obvious to be accountable for. 🙂

Now I have given up promising to do anything but try to be better…do what I know I should do, exercise, blog,  meet people, etc…but at least I can be amused by my short comings….right?

Here’s to all you procrastinators out there!

And don’t forget,

The best place for information on Ashland Oregon Real Estate is still

Technology Conference Beckons

Real Estate Connect SF 2009

I am trying to budget a way to get to this conference. I have heard great things about it over the years, and being the head of the technology committee for our local board, I know there would be tons of valuable information here.

If you have been to the Inman Conference before, please drop me a note and encourage or discourage me from going. Read more

Washington DC travel (b)log part deux

The reason Twitter is so cool is that you can post your thoughts real time, and not try to remember them for the rest of the day (or two). There have been many interesting things since I made it to DC.

First..I have ridden a taxi, subway, bus, shuttle…and walked many miles. I for some reason love public transportation when I am away from home.  I suppose if we had better public transportation at home, I might use it…but doubt it. I love to drive.

Yesterday was spent being a tourist. After listening to the speakers in the morning, I look a walk down past the White House, through a Greene and Greene exhibit in a museum, down to the Lincoln Memorial, and all of the way back to the Library of Congress.  Some of the things I noticed were.

  • The National Mall is huge…when you see the pictures of the Obama inag. or MLK’s speech…you can’t fathom how many people are there.
  • I stood in the spot MLK gave his “I have a dream” speech.
  • There was a crazy lady yelling at everyone in the Lincoln Memorial
  • I was surprised at how emotional the Vietnam Memorial made me. The design is pretty powerful.
  • The WWII and Korean War Memorials were both very cool…but not nearly as heartbreaking
  • I never knew that you could ride up an elevator in the Washington Monument (I didn’t)
  • The space capsules that first took men into space are tiny. I thought the airplane was crowded for the 4 hour flight. Those astronauts must have really liked each other
  • The Smithsoneon Space Museum restaurant is run by pathetic
  • One could spend days going through the museums…Hope I have more time later to explore
  • The Library of Congress is super cool

Those were a few of the notes from my tourism travels.

Today I met with a group of Realtors with both of our Senators. I think Oregon is very lucky to have Senators that will spend that time listening to the concerns of their constituents. Wyden was late (Obama called a special Health Care meeting….yadda yadda….I’ve heard that excuse before), but made up for it by offering to meet with our group whenever he is back in Oregon.

My big super secret Realtor business meetings today were not quite what I hoped for…but I see direction in the process.

Trade show participants can be very annoying…

Unfortunately I woke this morning not in the greatest of health….I told my daughter if she gave me her cold before I went to DC I was going to be quite upset…. I took a nap this afternoon, then went and found a restaurant that would serve me large quantities of garlic….hope I feel better tomorrow.

Til then….

Business Tent Cards Designed

I have finished the design of my new business tents. They are like business cards, but because they fold in the middle, they become little tent cards.

I have gotten mixed reviews of them.

Has anyone noticed that when you ask for criticism, that people criticize? I have problems figuring out sometimes if they are just trying to find problems, therefore they do. Of if they really don’t like what you are showing them.

I know that I have a style that is not everyones style, but it is mine. If someone doesn’t like the style, that is okay with me. Those same people would design things that I didn’t like. So now that I have opened myself up to criticism, yet qualified it with I may not listen….let me have it.

So here is the new design, front and back.

Ashland Oregon Real Estate Business Card

Front and Back of Tent Card

Inside of Business Card