Handball tournament report with video

Something that those who know me find out quickly is that I am passionate about handball. My dad started me playing when I was around 9, so I have been playing for 30 years. Dad and I used to go to tournaments all of time when I was young, and those are great memories.

I have only played about a tournament a year for the last number of years. But the World Championships are going to be held in Portland Oregon next October. The world championships are held in the United States once every 9 years. They rotate between Ireland, Canada and the US, and are only held once every 3 years.

So because it is going to be so close to home, and I turn 40 and can play Masters for the first time next year (read:I won’t get beat by 20 year olds, I’ll get beat by people my own age). So I plan on playing a tournament once a month for the next year in preparation. Fortunately, they are held on weekends, and I will only need to miss a couple of days of me real life as the Realtor.

This weekend was a tournament just up the road from Ashland in Grants Pass. I have a couple of injuries, and planned on not playing, but was talked into it in the last minute. So it was more of a fun time, than a serious competition this time.

I took my little Flip Video camera, and made a video montage of the weekend. It will most likely bore all but those who were there…but if you wish to see how I spent my weekend, you are welcome to watch the little video. There is very little of me in it (since I was behind the camera), and when I am on screen, I don’t have a kilt on, so you may not even recognize me. The video technique is quite poor, and I apologize for that. If you want a real videographer, I recommend Jeff Kastner Films.

Here is the short version with bad music…keep the volume down.


And now the long version with real sound…no music. (I am in the white shirt, at the one minute mark for a couple of seconds)