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It is time for me to buy new business cards. I like to get a little creative with my business cards. I have stickers, I have magnets, and have my favorite which is a 10 most frequently asked questions card which I have designed to be similar to a Trivial Pursuit card.

Ashland Real Estate Magnet

Ashland Real Estate Magnet

So now that it is time to design new cards, I started thinking about what other agents have on their cards. The top 3 things that bug me about agents business cards are:

1. Advertising Million $$$ Club

2. Photos with the hand under the chin

3. Big head shots, too much text, and no white space.

The reason I have multiple business cards is there are different reasons that you have to give cards out.

  • The boring card which has every email address, fax number, website.
  • The fun card that people share with others.
  • The interesting card that they keep because it is different.

I have had my cards mailed across the country because people wanted to share with friends and relatives.

My other problem with business cards is that Coldwell Banker Coorporate has regulations about what your business card can look like…which is why I have stickers, magenets, and “info cards” in additions to the “business card”.

I would like a full time graphic designer, web designer and PR person to work for me. My limited ability to create sharp looking designs, coupled with the ideas that I have that I can’t get out of me head.

Oh, maybe someday when I am rich and famous. But which comes first…maybe I need a graphic designer to become famous.

Or perhaps I should be happy with being the most recognized realtor in the universe.

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  1. kenneth
    kenneth says:

    The reputation your business has, is upheld by the quality of your business cards. The business card is your business actual representative. Giving away a professional business card is one of the top and most convenient ways to advertise one’s business.

  2. Business Card Advisor
    Business Card Advisor says:

    I agree with those three things you mention about being big turn-offs on Real Estate agent business cards. Instead of focusing on those things, which really only serve to boost the ego of the card owner, how about something which offers a benefit to potential clients?

    You know you’ve got a good start on a Show Off Card there. I say give them a shot. I think they could make a great card featuring your individuality.

    Learn Effective Business Card Design and Marketing With Your Business Card Advisor Memebership.


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