Downside of Living in Southern Oregon

As a Realtor, I frequently get asked the question “What is it about where you live do you NOT like?”

I honestly have problems answering this question. I love where I live…and some of the downsides to some are what I consider to be part of the charm. Ashland is a very liberal town…a Berkeley of Oregon. People here love to speak their mind, and everyone in town is right…even as they disagree with each other.

However, here are the top reasons I do not like Ashland.

  1.  It is 2 1/2 hours to the closest Trader Joes (Come on TJ’s. You would do sooo well here)
  2. Dogs are not allowed in any parks (except the dog park).  (In general it is not the most dog friendly city)
  3. There are not enough ethnic restaurants
  4. There are not enough “good value” lunch places
  5. There are only a few handball players in town and it is hard to improve.
  6. Too many deer live in town (and raccoons).

I’m sure there are a lot of other reasons….but if we could fix those ones, I would be so happy.

But really, the list of why to live here is so long….

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  1. Sophia
    Sophia says:

    I like the deer (possibly because they have never come into my yard )and I find I am always happy to see them wandering around town. I saw one pooping in someone’s back garden the other day. I thought it was a big dog at first. You could always build a fence moat to keep them out I suppose.


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