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This website is set up to help you expolore the communities in Jackson County, including Ashland, Medford, Talent, Phoenix, Jacksonville, Central Point, Eagle Point, Rouge River, and Shady Cove. You are offered direct access to the latest properties for sale in Southern Oregon. If you go the the community links, you will find extensive community information, and answers to commonly asked real estate questions. Other links on this site allow you to explore school information, get free reports.

Always choose a CRS agent. A Broker who has their Council of Residential Specialist designation has attend the highest education classes available to Realtors. Not only do I hold my CRS designation, I am VP of the state CRS chapter and do my best to bring education classes in for all of the agents in my area to be more professional, and better able to help their clients.

So whether you are a first time buyer, or an experienced investor, I am sure you will find useful information about how to choose the right property, negotiate financing, find mortgage rates, making an offer, moving, and other information that will help you make an informed real estate decision in today’s market. The best method though still, even after one does all of their research is to choose the right agent to help you navigate the specifics of property in Ashland Oregon.

And don’t forget, your biggest resource. You can email or call me with your questions. I am passionate about answering questions and helping people.

If you want property around Ashland, but are worried about freeway noise, I have recommendations. The homes in Talent on Wagner Creek Road, or Phoenix Oregon homes on streets like Coleman Creek Road. Homes in Southwest Medford are also very close to Ashland, but away from freeway noises. If you don’t mind a little snow, I am a big fan of the Greensprings and Dead Indian Memorial areas East of Ashland.

If you currently own property in or around Ashland Oregon, and are thinking of placing it on the market, check out my latest statistics and find out why pricing your home appropriately is more important now then ever. Marketing your home in today’s market is an internet based experience, and you need an agent who is not only familiar with todays technologies, but one that teaches the other Realtors in the state how to effectively use them to market their listings.

The single most important thing you can do to assist in buying a house is to have a good credit score, to know your credit score and know how to improve your credit score. In times of a depression such as has been experienced in 2008-2010, credit scores have been sliding for a large percentage of Americans. Which makes the power of a good credit score all that much more important. Search online for your free credit report. The government passed a regulation that requires the 3 major credit agencies, (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion) to share with you for free your credit report once a year. There are also companies that monitor your credit report for a fee. Unless you are fooling around with credit issues, it is probably a waste of money, but can help to educate you as to what helps or hurts your credit rating.

Feel free to contact me for ideas for increasing your credit score.

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