Funny sign of the times

Here is a sign rider from an agent in Knoxville Tennessee.

This is very funny, for the truth of it. I have many sellers right now whom I believe to be in this position.


There have been a number of agents that have been receiving, or being asked to write offers that are just plain ridiculous.

In the Ashland Real estate market, the average sales price to list price is around 95%. A good negotiation from a buyers agent is where you can get a place for close to 90% of asking price.

However, there seems to be a segment of the population who listen so much to the news of desperation that figure if they offer 80% of asking price, that they will steal a property.

While there is an off chance it may happen, that is not the normal expectations in our area. A well priced piece of property if dropped 20% on the asking price would still most likely get mulitiple offers.

Small rant based on a picture.

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