Green Designations for Realtors

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There are currently two competing designations for Realtors to indicate that they are “green”.

I have been on the fence for quite some time whether it is practical to have the designation, or just having the knowledge of what is taught.

My basic issue with official designations is there is an annual cost just to have them….and does not include any additional education. I am happy to pay to take the initial education, but the annual fees add up for professional Realtors, and a savy business person needs to figure out which ones are worth the cost.

Eco-broker costs $179 a year and the new Green designation is $99 a year.

But in Ashland Real Estate, there are people who care….and don’t understand that one agent could have more knowledge about “green” practices, but may not find that the annual cost is a good return on the investment…and therefore not advertise it.

Look for more in the near future.

By the way…there is a free solar class being offered in Medford tomorrow. You can register for it at the Solar Oregon website.



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