New Year–New Way to Search for Real Estate in Southern Oregon

Happy New Year all….mappicture

I am very pleased to announce the launch of a new property tool for Southern Oregon. For many years now, in fact longer than I have been in real estate, the general public has had limited options on how to effectively search the Internet themselves for homes in Ashland, Medford, or any part of Jackson County. If you are anxious to see the new tool, click on one of the links below.

Search for area properties by style

Search for area properties by map

I remember about 6 years ago, I was trying to get a handle on real estate…and did not have my real estate license yet..and I searched all over for the best way to keep up on what was going on with houses currently for sale in Medford and Ashland.

Sara Walker at Patricia Sprague Real Estate had a website that provided the best ability to search for real estate in Southern Oregon. In fact, 6 years later she still has the same site there. When I did get my license…I duplicated her websites ability on my own website. However, I always felt that there should be a more friendly way to look for properties. Maybe a search by map. Other areas in the U.S.  had much better tools than we had available here.

So I started to search for other companies that could take the information that we had available as Realtors, and turn it into a format that looked friendly to non-Realtors.

They were actually easy to find…however the stumbling block became the rules of our local MLS. The companies existed to format the information, our MLS just didn’t allow them to have it. In my opinion, this was a big disservice to everyone.

I went about trying to change the rules….2 years on the board later, 1 CEO change, 1 year pushing the tech committee that this move was not only the right one, but inevitable..and hours of research…finally this service is available.

In years to come I will work to make more and more tools available to Realtors and the general public. My value as a Realtor is not in the information I hold and protect, but in the information and expertise that I am willing and capable of sharing.

At this time, I am the only Realtor in Ashland who has this service..but I am not keeping it a secret. I have emailed every agent that I have in my database a link to it, and let them know it is available to them as well.

But for now, if you want to search for Real Estate in Ashalnd Oregon, visit


I look forward to a great 2009, and may you all have a prosperous year.

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  1. Sophia
    Sophia says:

    How very generous and noble. Bookbinders are often accused of hoarding their information to the detriment of the profession as well as to books in general. I personally feel that sharing information to help people is the way to go. It should work out that the more information one has the more they are capable of recognizing when they need a professional’s help. This should keep people from wasting that professional’s time as well since they can figure out a lot on their own. Much like knowing how to repair a book for little things yourself and knowing when to bring it to a restorer. Ok, I started rambling…


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