Now is the time!!!

Well, the election is finally over, and I can concentrate again on real estate. It is a relief to know who the next president is going to be, and be able to focus on what Obama’s policies are going to do to the housing market.

I have been watching this one house in Ashland that has been for sale for over a year. It is now bank owned, and I think this is the time to get in and make an offer on it.

I am not the current listing agent, but I was the agent prior to the foreclosure. So I am familiar with the quality of the house. It is located in a less than perfect spot, but to use as a rental…or as a home that could easily accomodate a family it could be a good deal. It looks bad now, because it was left in less than perfect shape, but the prior owners did take care of it, and most problems appear to be cosmetic.

It is 1600 square feet, and I imagine it could be purchased in the $250,000 range…maybe even lower.

Give me a call if you can think of someone who has the ability to get out there and find a good buy.

Because if I had the money….I would be shopping for houses like crazy!!!!!

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