Open Enrollment for Ashland Schools

Ashland School District sent out a letter that said the following….This letter was out beginning of March, 2012.

Dear Parent,

Do you work in Ashland, but your kids attend school in another District?

Do you want your children to attend an Ashland School?

Open Enrollment is now here!

Under the new “Open Enrollment” law, Ashland School Board has approved policy to allow a limited number of additional students from outside the district to attend Ashland schools beginning the 2012-2013 school year.

Non-resident families may apply for transfers to available spaces by grade level.

Spaces for the upcoming school year will be announced March 1, 2012 and will be posted on the District web page. Spaces are limited.

Current inter-district transfer students in good-standing will be grandfathered under the open enrollment policy and will receive a letter notifying them of how to accept the opportunity.

One application for the entire family. Open to non-residents of Ashland Only

Applications must be complete by April 1, 2012

Apply Online Now at

Click on the Open Enrollment link on the left side bar

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