Perspective of Photo

Dog picture from street level with fisheye lens Photos are a matter of perspective. For example this lovely puppy standing on a sidewalk. (Courtesy of wYnand) Taken with a fisheye lens, the photo becomes vastly more interesting. The curving sidewalk, the buildings and the sky.

I believe as Realtors, we should recognize how the photos we take can effect the look of the houses we are trying to market.

If you can afford to hire (and can find) a professional photographer…do it.

If, on the other hand, you take your own photos …remember perspective.

With the use of digital cameras, take a lot of pictures. I find that I regularly take at least 100 photos of a property to find 10 that I may like.



I have a couple of key items that I remember. Kitchens almost always look best when photographed from a tall location. I put the camera above my head as close to the ceiling as possible when shooting kitchens. Never take a picture of a toilet. Don’t use bathroom pictures unless the bathroom is large enough to take a picture from inside the bathroom with no toilet.


Exterior photos taken from distant locations and angles when possible usually look more interesting. Sometimes you need to take photos of ranch houses that are not that interesting from the street. This is an example of where I used a low camera angle, and a side view.







Photos at night with good ambient lighting look cool if you can get them. This is a photo of a house I sold a couple of years ago, but I really like the texture that the lighting and the shapes give it.








However, one thing that I do try to be careful of is to not misrepresent a house by the photos. I try to make the house look as good as possible, yet not have potential buyers be disappointed when they see the house in person.


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