Picking up the Guitar

I keep picking up the guitar in the house. I don’t really know why.

It is an old family guitar that we have  had in our possession for quite some time. One that I grew up with in the house.

My dad and brother are both accomplished guitar players, but I never really got around to playing much. A chord here, a chord there. But nothing really.

But then I picked up this guitar last week, and broke one of the strings tuning it. And for some reason it got me interested in doing something. I had to go buy strings…then I broke the Bridge pegs taking them out.

And now I have downloaded a chord app for the iPad…picked a couple of songs to learn, both of them pretty country. And the end of my fingers hurt when I type.

So you may be asking yourself what this has to do with real estate.

And the answer there is simple…….Nothing!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone.

Adam “the guy who wears the kilt around Ashland” Bogle

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