Resolve January/February 2020

Resolve Center for Dispute Resolution and Restorative Justice transforms the way the people and communities of southern Oregon manage and resolve conflict and repair from harm.

Resolve has been serving southern Oregon communities since 1990, helping people manage conflict through mediation, restoring harmed relationships and communities through dialogue and mentorship, and advancing peace through education and training.

Restorative Justice is a trauma-informed practice used to strengthen communities, repair harm, and restore relationships when wrongdoings occur. Restorative justice uses a holistic approach that includes family and community, addresses causes of behavior, and meets victims’ needs while promoting a high level of offender accountability and growth.

As an intervention following wrongdoing, restorative justice works with both the people who have caused harm and the victim(s) and community members impacted. Working with a restorative justice facilitator, participants identify harms, needs and obligations, then make a plan to repair the harm and put things as right as possible.

Mediation supports peaceful conflict resolution and builds bridges across differences.

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process where people meet in a private and neutral setting to resolve their differences. Skilled mediators empower the participants (“parties”) to negotiate and communicate more effectively to find a mutually agreeable resolution. Parties remain in full control of all decision-making in mediation; mediators are non-judgmental and do not impose decisions. If no agreements are reached in mediation, the discussion remains confidential, and parties may seek other remedies.

Resolve maintains a rich tradition of volunteer service to the community. Volunteers are the historical foundation for our organization! Our volunteers are trained and valued as service providers and leaders. Resolve provides volunteers with support, learning opportunities, fulfilling experiences, and appreciation for hard work and expertise.

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