Editorial: If I had to choose one company to inspect my house, this would be the one. They are frequently too busy to get to inspections in the timeline we are allowed, partially because Aaron is very sought after.  Another note is that Travis Inspections rates vary by the age of the house, which is not the way most other Inspectors charge.  And he doesn’t inspect houses built prior to 1945 as a general rule. It allows him to inspect more houses when not having to spend full days on older homes.

Rates as of 2015:

1995-Present  $350

1975-1994   $400

1945-1974  $450

Appointments are made through the lovely better half of Aaron.





Travis Home Inspection.

Serving the Rogue Valley almost 30 years.

Specializing in residential properties.

We inspect 300-500 homes per year.

Fully licensed, bonded and insured with the state of Oregon.


CCB#164214, OCHI#558


Remember: One of our services is calling and setting up the home inspection. It is the client’s choice who they want to do the inspection, but we will make the appointment for you. Just let us know who you prefer.