Editorial: I don’t often recommend Dan Huckins of Visual Home Inspections.  His real service and point of difference is his 6 hour inspection. It cost about twice that of most inspectors. He does have a shorter inspection, but doesn’t mingle the pictures with the report and I find in inferior to the services of other inspectors for the price. However, his full day inspection is as thorough as anything I have seen. It is perfect for an engineer who wants to know where every paint scuff and imperfection is. But doesn’t find in my opinion anything substantial that any of the other inspectors don’t also find for a lower cost. But for the right client, he is the right inspector.



Dan Huckins


(541) 899-1148



Residential and Commercial Property Inspection

Performed by a Master Inspector and Infrared Thermographer.

My average home inspection lasts over 6 hours, not the typical 2 or 3 hours.

I don’t hurry and finish so I can get to my next inspection because I only schedule one per day.

I take many pictures during the inspection, especially under the house so that you can see much of what I see.

And don’t worry about interrupting me during the home inspection, you’re encouraged to be there so we can discuss your concerns and my findings.

The reports are easy to read. Most negative conditions are located in one section with many pictures showing what I’m reporting.

My goal is to deliver service beyond what you expect and are accustomed to. My normal is not the normal you’re used to.

My inspection services can be adapted to your specific needs and budget, from individual issue inspections to very extensive in-depth inspections.

I also offer other specialized services such as Infrared Thermal Imaging, Home Energy Efficiency Inspections, Safety Inspections, Moisture Intrusion Inspections, Electrical Circuit Analysis, Home Elevation Surveys for settling issues, Home Owner Education, Home Seller Education, Pre-sale Inspections and General Consulting to name a few.


Remember: One of our services is calling and setting up the home inspection. It is the client’s choice who they want to do the inspection, but we will make the appointment for you. Just let us know who you prefer.