Rentals in Southern Oregon

This is an update from a previous post. Since there have been some new companies come into town, and some others leave. Unfortunately there still is not a good central location to find rentals, and it comes down to legwork.

Although I am fond of Padmapper. It is a good starting place.

I frequently get calls from people looking to rent in the Ashland or Medford area. I don’t personally do any property management, and we don’t do any property management out of my office. Property management is a specialized field that few people do well. I have a feeling dealing with bad tenants begins to negatively wear on property managers, and over time it becomes a drag…but that is just my theory.

But, if you are looking to rent, here are some resources in the area.

Best bet is probably Craig’s List. Or the local papers the Mail Tribune or theAshland Daily Tidings.

Property Management Companies are:

There are some other smaller companies, but I think if you are looking to rent, that I would scour through these places first.

And as always, the best way to get a super deal is to know someone. When first moving to the area, you may need to work through one of the property management companies…but always keep your ears open for a special deal that may be available.

Happy rental hunting…and remember, when you are looking to buy real estate in Ashland Oregon, or Medford Oregon Real estate, don’t forget the Agent In A Kilt.

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