Statistics for Jackson County

Here is the chart that will be published in the paper this week.

May through June Statistics

It is more of the same. As has been noted all year with the statisics, there has been a sharp drop in the number of houses being sold this year as opposed to last year.

 I know to some people, when I start talking about statistics, they see charts in their mind that resemble this. And I too have no idea whatsoever what this graph means. I could say this is the cycle of buyers and sellers in the real esate market, The red line is buyer, the blue line is sellers, and x represents time and Y represents units.

But it isn’t. This is some random picture from some math class at some university.

All a clever disguise so you don’t look at the real statistics.


What I have been saying for years now, since the pace of sellers started outpacing the pace of buyers is…..

To make the market hit a more level spot, the collective mindset needs to be….

If you am trying to sell, but don’t have to….stop trying.

If you want to buy, and you are waiting, quit waiting.

It is all supply and demand. And there is still just too much supply.

The best place to find houses to buy is the internet. Keep checking my website for some new advances in the search capabilities. You can search MLS listings in Ashland, or Medford currently. I will soon have a new interface though that will be much more pleasing to the eye, and user friendly.

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