Business Tent Cards Designed

I have finished the design of my new business tents. They are like business cards, but because they fold in the middle, they become little tent cards.

I have gotten mixed reviews of them.

Has anyone noticed that when you ask for criticism, that people criticize? I have problems figuring out sometimes if they are just trying to find problems, therefore they do. Of if they really don’t like what you are showing them.

I know that I have a style that is not everyones style, but it is mine. If someone doesn’t like the style, that is okay with me. Those same people would design things that I didn’t like. So now that I have opened myself up to criticism, yet qualified it with I may not listen….let me have it.

So here is the new design, front and back.

Ashland Oregon Real Estate Business Card

Front and Back of Tent Card

Inside of Business Card