Getting Professional Organization Help Prior to Move

The following is a description of why hiring a professional organizer to help you prior to a move, or prior to listing your house can be a good idea. I’d just like to add in advance my note that sometimes we get too “close” to our stuff, and can’t take objective positions on them. There is something very liberating about getting rid of stuff and clutter, and in my experience rarely do I ever miss any object that I get rid of.

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Getting Organized for a House Move

A home free of clutter is everyone’s wish.  For me, when I enter my office, for example, I want to see some blank surfaces where I’ve cleared things away, taken care of business, filed those papers.  Then I feel creative and can work more effectively.
In preparation for a house move, de-cluttering is top priority.  Not only does it lend clarity and peace of mind to an otherwise stressful time, but it saves effort and money.  Your friends and/or the moving company won’t have as much packing to do, and you won’t have to find cabinets and closets for so many things once you arrive at your new home.  What a perfect opportunity to get rid of excess and unused items!  It’s almost worth the cost of moving, just to clear the slate.  It feels good to get rid of those jeans you may never wear, or that wrapping paper that’s been gathering dust for decades, getting moved from house to house.

Clutter bogs us down.  Let’s clear the way for more appreciation for those possessions we do cherish and want to keep.  Let’s dare to reduce our load.  I guarantee you will feel lighter in more ways than one.

Susanne Petermann
Hands-On Organizer