Kimchi stinks

Well, by “Kimchi Stinks”, mean it smells pretty bad.
Not actually true when eating it. Opening a jar, taking out a small bowlful, topping it will a couple of over medium eggs, and a strip of bacon.
Then, it tastes and smells alright.20111229-120003.jpg

However, when making it for yourself, leaving it to ferment in a crock in your house for 4 days. Yeah, then it pretty much stinks up the whole house. So below is a picture of my first batch of kimchi for the house. I was hoping to have more jars to give away, but it really didn’t make as much as I thought.
My first gift jar went to our friend Steve who is working with Sophia. He brought me beer that he made, so I was returning the favor.

But now I need to make batch #2. Do a couple of things different to make it better. But I need a place to ferment it that doesn’t permeate the entire house.
I’m thinking maybe making a dog house that has a small heat lamp in it.
Maybe a box could be constructed with a thermostat on it and shelves.
It could be used both as a place to ferment…or turn it up higher and use it as a food drier for fruits and nuts…

Anyway…if anyone has any ideas, I’m open to suggestions.
Could earn you a jar of your very own Bogle made Kimchi.

I guess I just went off on another non-real estate tangent. However, free kimchi to whomever refers me to a friend, family member, themselves.
Just enter the coupon code “kimchi sells” in the referral box.
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