Ashland Oregon Fire

As a departure from the real estate news of this blog, I wanted to share some photos of the fire that is burning in Ashland, Oregon today. I want to start with saying that my thoughts and energy is with the people fighting this fire, and hope they are all safe. I personally know a couple of friends who I know are part of the fight. My wife who trained with CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) was called and dispatched to help…although I hope only with traffic control or the like.

I took some photos at about 11:00 this morning from Mistletoe Road. The intention of the photos was to show that even a town as beautiful as Ashland Oregon can on the wrong day, from the right angle look a little apocalyptic.



Reports from the Mail Tribune indicate that 

A fast-moving fire has scorched between 30 and 50 acres on the southern edge of Ashland and filled the skies over town with thick smoke and hot ash.


Witnesses said homes and structures had burned, but fire officials didn’t have details yet. The burnt remains of a home in the 1500 block of Tolman Creek could be seen.


(Mail Tribune Online  1:29pm on Monday September 21st).   I hope this is under control soon, and that the loss of property is at a minimum. And most importantly the loss of life is non-existent.   Animals included. Tomorrow I hope to be back to talking about Ashland Real Estate.