Fishing the Rogue River

One great job that I do not have is to be a Rogue River fishing guide. I don’t even take the time to go fish, let alone take people with me.
Alright, I’ll be honest. I have no idea what I am doing when I fish, be it on the Rogue River, up in the Holy Waters, or at Lost Creek Lake.
But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about how nice it would be to fish for a living, or heck, even for a little side cash. I do spend as much time as I can on a river…be it the Rogue, or Applegate River.
Or a lake is good too. Camping at Howard Prairie Lake , which is owned by some clients of mine, and some real nice people.

But I do get the opportunity to sell houses on the Rogue River.

I have a great one now. This Exclusive River Retreat is located across the river from Casey State Park, just below the fish hatchery. But best of all, it is on the side of the river that does NOT have a highway running on it. Most of the Rogue river is on a highway, or freeway..until you get to the mountains where it disappears into the Wild and Scenic.

It seems that if someone wanted to have a retreat for fishermen…that they would do well to look at this house. 11 Acres, secluded, riverfront, boat launch, great place.

You can find it at

And if that is the piece of rural land that you are looking for, Adam Bogle, the Agent In A Kilt is a rural property specialist for land in the Ashland Oregon area, or Jackson County.