New Tech in the House

With as techie as I am, I’ve kind of taken the last few months away from the blogosphere. A dying computer as an excuse, the effort to create and write disappeared.

Here is hopeful note that with some new equipment, that the future holds more posts, perhaps some video interviews, and a way to avoid putting out crap.

So forgive this meaningless entry, as it is mostly a test of the iPad.

I have also refreshed the look of my website. AgentInAKilt

Other new projects I am working on include:

A podcast of a personal nature with my brother.
Video editing for a book repair business run by my wife
More twitter presence (which by the way is way better with the iPad app then online)

And more…..

So if you have topics relating to real estate, especially in Ashland Oregon, please contact me via the twitter at @agentinakilt

Technology Conference Beckons

Real Estate Connect SF 2009

I am trying to budget a way to get to this conference. I have heard great things about it over the years, and being the head of the technology committee for our local board, I know there would be tons of valuable information here.

If you have been to the Inman Conference before, please drop me a note and encourage or discourage me from going. Read more