Washington DC travel (b)log part deux

The reason Twitter is so cool is that you can post your thoughts real time, and not try to remember them for the rest of the day (or two). There have been many interesting things since I made it to DC.

First..I have ridden a taxi, subway, bus, shuttle…and walked many miles. I for some reason love public transportation when I am away from home.  I suppose if we had better public transportation at home, I might use it…but doubt it. I love to drive.

Yesterday was spent being a tourist. After listening to the speakers in the morning, I look a walk down past the White House, through a Greene and Greene exhibit in a museum, down to the Lincoln Memorial, and all of the way back to the Library of Congress.  Some of the things I noticed were.

  • The National Mall is huge…when you see the pictures of the Obama inag. or MLK’s speech…you can’t fathom how many people are there.
  • I stood in the spot MLK gave his “I have a dream” speech.
  • There was a crazy lady yelling at everyone in the Lincoln Memorial
  • I was surprised at how emotional the Vietnam Memorial made me. The design is pretty powerful.
  • The WWII and Korean War Memorials were both very cool…but not nearly as heartbreaking
  • I never knew that you could ride up an elevator in the Washington Monument (I didn’t)
  • The space capsules that first took men into space are tiny. I thought the airplane was crowded for the 4 hour flight. Those astronauts must have really liked each other
  • The Smithsoneon Space Museum restaurant is run by McDonalds..how pathetic
  • One could spend days going through the museums…Hope I have more time later to explore
  • The Library of Congress is super cool

Those were a few of the notes from my tourism travels.

Today I met with a group of Realtors with both of our Senators. I think Oregon is very lucky to have Senators that will spend that time listening to the concerns of their constituents. Wyden was late (Obama called a special Health Care meeting….yadda yadda….I’ve heard that excuse before), but made up for it by offering to meet with our group whenever he is back in Oregon.

My big super secret Realtor business meetings today were not quite what I hoped for…but I see direction in the process.

Trade show participants can be very annoying…

Unfortunately I woke this morning not in the greatest of health….I told my daughter if she gave me her cold before I went to DC I was going to be quite upset…. I took a nap this afternoon, then went and found a restaurant that would serve me large quantities of garlic….hope I feel better tomorrow.

Til then….

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