Washington dc travel (b)log

In the effort to not over Twitter, I believe a running blog of Washington DC via blog from my iPhone will save my facebook friends. So I advance I will apologize for typos, mis-spellings, and bad grammar. There is no good editing available yet on the iPhone. The flight was perfect except for being a little too crowded for me. Bags arrived timely, shuttle was waiting, hotel is very nice with friendly staff. Met up with Krista. Stacey and Darrel for dinner and spent too much money.

So far I have not seen much. The Washington monument was visible on the ride in

DC reminds me of LA in many ways. I get that feeling that people are looking at everyone wondering if they are famous, except instead of movie stars, its tv personalities and politicians.

Speaking of which, I saw Harold ford jr. And Pat Buchanen argue in person this morning. Harold spilled his coffee on himself. He was very personable and Pat was quite funny.
Also saw Robert Reich who I see on The Rachel Maddow show all of the time. People are much taller on tv, especially Reich who would look me straight in the bellybutton.
Reich believes that the turn around for the recession will be next year, but will take 4-5 years to really end.

Just finshed a good breakfast in Woodley Park.

More later…..

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