Washington DC (views from a Hotel room)

After my mid-day nap yesterday….going to sleep with the crud was close to impossible….Add to that the fact I’m in a hotel room and the bed is a foot too short….it made for a long night…but enough whining.

What I do like about the Mayflower hotel.

  • Room is large and nice
  • Less than a block to the Metro
  • Shower head is above my head
  • Phone next to toilet in case the wake-up call comes after you are already awake.
  • Lots of drawers to unpack into
  • Nice hangers for clothes in large closet.
  • In room coffee is decent

Room for Improvement

  • No wireless internet…have to be connected via cable in the darkest corner of the room
  • People in DC honk too much
  • Leaving the NY times is more classy than leaving a USA Today

So now I am resting up for meeting with Greg Walden and Peter DeFazio…

And if there is enough energy left in my body, a tour of the Realtor building in DC, and back to the conference center to try to catch some forum discussions. Followed by Oregon Night Out and dinner.

Wish I were staying longer…or had gone home yesterday. 🙂

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