What it takes to survive

I don’t think this speaks highly of Realtors, but you have to appreciate the will to survive. It did make me laugh (which I don’t think is what I want people thinking).




Yes, could I get a latte, a small hot chocolate, and a 3 bedroom 2 bath house to go please? Yes, I would like a garage with that.





At least it wasn’t a Real Estate/Liquor store combo. Oregon liquor stores are regulated by the state, and there is usually only one in any small town. However, the liquor store is often paired with another kind of store, frequently a hardware store. I get a kick out of whatever combination I come across, and think I will start a collection from my travels.



Actually, this was in a small town in Central Oregon around Madras. I only went through it because I took a wrong turn on my way to Cove Palasades State Park. This was my view from my campsite at the State Park.

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