When Discrimination is Okay

I guess it takes something as horrific as this to get me to start writing again.

Aryan Nation Wants To Locate Headquarters in John Day, Oregon

First, I would like to commend Gene Officer, the Realtor quoted in the story, for his comments. I would also like to commend all other Realtors in the area who will not help these people buy property, and I condemn any who will.

I believe strongly in the fair housing act that was passed into law in the 60’s and its subsequent revisions. The law as I understand it is to  not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, familial status, gender or disability. I think sexual orientation needs to be added to this list ASAP.

BUT….Political point of view is not a protected class. If I wanted to choose to not work with anyone who is a Republican, or a Democrat, or a Tea Partyist, or a Libertarian, or a Green Party….that would be my right…and I don’t believe that it would violate any laws.

The idea that this Mullet dude would sue the city of John Day for not allowing him to buy in the town is crazy. I’m not a lawyer…but there is nothing that says you have to sell to anyone….it just says you can’t discriminate based on the above criteria. But Mullet believes in discriminating based on race, religion, disability, etc….  And for him to even threaten to sue is somewhere between pathetic and ironic.

Memo to the Aryan Nation. You cannot stand behind discrimination laws to justify your unjustifiable actions.

Realtors of John Day…(and the rest of the country)…you do not have to help people who promote hate.

Owners of Property….you don’t have to sell to people who promote hate..you don’t have to sell to child molesters (they are not a protected class), you need to follow fair housing guidelines…but if it is not a listed protected class…it is not protected.

Again, I am a Realtor, not a fair housing attorney. And I suppose I could be wrong.

But Aryan Nation…get out of my state, and get out of my Country.

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